Dermaplaning in Gainesville

Smooth and Exfoliate

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Gently enhance the effects of any facial

Not only it is great on its own, but dermaplaning can also help you get the most out of your other dermatological treatments! By sloughing away dead skin cells and exfoliating, your skin has a more even texture and allows other skincare products to penetrate more deeply.

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At Dermestetics, dermaplaning is the perfect add-on to any facial service.

As leaders in our field, our aestheticians are committed to regular training and refining our techniques to provide our patients with unmatched care and expertise.


Why we love dermaplaning

Boost your skin's absorption of other products
Remove dead skin and wispy facial hairs / peach fuzz
Even skin tone and texture

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Consultation Required?


Duration of Results

3 to 4 weeks

Sessions Needed

1 per month or as needed



What It Treats

Rough texture
Dry skin
Superficial hyperpigmentation
Mild acne scarring
Fine lines


Dermaplaning ———————– $200 single session; $525 package of 3

Add-On Dermaplaning ———————– $85 single session; $240 package of 3

How it Works

Our customized approach to dermaplaning in Gainesville

At Dermestetics, we tailor every treatment plan to the individual needs of the patient. We start with an in-depth consultation where we discuss your medical history, your concerns, and your goals. After we assess your skin, we use this information to curate a treatment plan to help you meet your goals.

Who is an ideal candidate for dermaplaning?

Dermaplaning involves gentle, mechanical exfoliation. It’s the perfect treatment for anyone looking to refine and improve their skin without chemicals, downtime, or side effects.

What happens during the treatment?

Dermaplaning is a superficial treatment that only takes about 30 minutes in our luxurious medical aesthetics practice. During treatment, your provider uses a small, specialized blade to gently remove dead skin cells and the tiny “vellus” hairs from your skin.

Complementary Treatments

To provide our patients with the most comprehensive treatment plans, we often combine dermaplaning with…

Interested in a deeper analysis of your skin health?

You can add a VISIA skin analysis to any appointment to track your skin’s age and learn more about the treatments that can address underlying concerns.