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Everyone has different levels of anxiety and tolerance for discomfort during aesthetic treatments. At Dermestetics, we offer options to ensure everyone can have comfortable, effective treatments. These great comfort additives pair well with treatments like microneedling, injections, and more.

Topical Creams

For certain dermatological and aesthetic treatments, we use topical numbing mixtures that contain lidocaine to manage potential discomfort during the appointment.

Pricing: Included into SELECT Laser Resurfacing, Microneedling and Cosmetic Injections Treatments.


A half-and-half mixture of oxygen and nitrous oxide, Pronox is often referred to as “laughing gas”. When you inhale, Pronox provides rapid pain relief and reduces anxiety. Your provider will discuss the additional fee for Pronox.

Pricing: $50

Lidocaine Injections

In situations where anesthesia isn’t necessary, we can provide lidocaine injections for patients looking for total, lingering pain relief during their treatment. Your provider will discuss the additional fee for these injections.

Pricing: $150 per syringe

Zimmer Chiller

The Zimmer Chiller uses Cryo Therapy that rapidly cools your skin. This reduces the risk of skin burns and redness while improving skin tone and recovery time.

Pricing: Included into SELECT Laser and Dermatological Treatments.